Student Leaders


Hi, my name is Kydan I am 11 years old I was born in 2008. I started school in 2014.

Ardmona Primary School is my only school I have been to. I am in Grade 5 and I like it. It’s cool!

I lived around Ardmona for 7 years. I have five siblings and a pet dog.

My brother’s names are Riley, Kaileb, Tyran, Liam, Chase plus mum and dad.

I like home and I like school too. I like to sing songs play games and see my friends.

My dogs name is Sasher she is an English staffy and we had her for three years now.

My favourite food is jelly my favourite animals are cats. And I love drumming.

I have many friends like Charlie, Tiearne, Jayden, beau and most others. I enjoy my life.

And I reckon my life is like this because of Ardmona primary school.


Student Leader Kydan Miller

Hi my name is Declan Jackson

I am from Innisfail in Queensland is a good place but  then we moved to Shepparton when I was up in Queensland.

We would have to be careful because the croc I live up there for 9 years then I moved down to Ardmona. then I went to school I made good friend names are Charlie, Conner, Brock, Jedd, Kydan ,Tiearne.

Then a couple months later, I get chose for school leader when I got the badge I was so shy I was scared.

So I will do my best at doing the jobs around the school and help people in the school.

And welcome myself and welcome them to the school.

I will do what I have to do I will help the teach in the school I will respect the people who will visit.

Student Leader

Declan Jackson

Our Student Leaders for 2019 have been announced as Declan Jackson (Gr. 5) and Kydan Miller (Gr. 5) and our Deputy School Leaders for 2019 are Tiearne Flint (Gr. 5) and Ruby Madill (Gr. 4). Kydan, Tiearne and Declan are pictured above with Mayor of Greater Shepparton City Council Kim O'Keeffe and classroom teacher Mr. Jacob Tunks. 


Hi, my name is Tiearne Flint. I am 11 years old turning 12 this year. I am in year 5. I am the deputy student leader at Ardmona Primary School. Last year I was School Leader. Now I am Deputy School Leader. I don’t mind. I am proud to be a Deputy School Leader.

My job at Ardmona Primary School as a Deputy School Leader is to welcome people and say thank you to them for coming.

I came to Ardmona when I was six turning seven. I have been at Ardmona Primary School for 6 years now. I love playing basketball, Cricket, footy and hockey. I mostly like all sports except for netball. I don’t like netball because my sister played netball. So did my mum. Right now, my aunty plays netball so does my cousins’. Some of my friends play netball. I also love dancing I have been dancing my whole life. I still remember seeing my sister in front of me dancing. I use to copy every dance she did.

I love Ardmona Primary School my teachers are funny and my friends are crazy and kind, I also love gymnastic I am the most flexible person in my school and the fastest with one of my best friends Connor. We are also the sportiest.

My favourite subject at school is MATHS I really love maths, because I get smart. My teacher is Mr Tunks he is really smart and kind he always try his best to teach us and make sure where all having fun.

When I am bored, I go for jogs I love jogging because it fills great for me. When I am running, I just don’t want to stop. My most best friend at my school is Kydan because I’ve known him since prep, Brock I have also known him since prep, Connor, Tyran and Declan.

Deputy Student Leader Tiearne Flint

HI my name is Ruby.

I came to Ardmona Primary School last year wen I came I had lost of fun.

Now I have lost of friends like Izzy, Lilli, Jamie-Lea, Harry, Jedd.

I was born in 2009 I have a brother called Tyson and I have a sister called Chloe and I have tow cats called ran and Tuffy and I live on a fane I love my live so much I'm so thankful for anything.


Deputy Student Leader Ruby Madill

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