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School Uniform

Ardmona Primary School has a compulsory school uniform.  Uniform must be worn at school, on excursions, at sporting activities and any other special occasion where students represent the school.  School uniform is practical, serviceable and gives the child an important sense of belonging to and pride in their school, especially on excursions outside the school grounds.

To read the school's uniform policy please visit the policy page.



Uniform consists of a royal blue shirt with red panelling down the side with red shorts, skirts or long pants. Printing of shirts and windcheaters with the school motif is arranged early each year. Children should be comfortably dressed. Singlets as external garments and thongs are not acceptable. It is school policy that all children wear broad brimmed hats, during Term 1 and 4.


School polo shirts and hats can be purchased from the school directly at cost price. We order our shirts and hats from Quality Teams in Shepparton and can organise them if you need something we don't have in stock.

Jackets can be ordered and purchased from Ardmona Primary School and Quality Teams.


Prep's are supplied a with a school polo shirt, shorts and hat upon enrolment.

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